Alex and Maureen Greenhalgh established
Teamwork Dog Obedience and Puppy School of Carseldine, Brisbane in 1998,
turning a 35 year hobby into a successful business.

Maureen is the Business manager and Class Co-ordinator
and enjoys working with puppies, children and people with disabilities.

Alex began training and showing in 1975 when we bought our first Doberman Duke.
He is great withdog problem behaviour solving.

Showing quickly became a lot of fun and a great family day out.
Rena was our second Dobe and she brought home many blue ribbons.

teamwork dog obedience training


teamwork dog obedience training





Obedience became serious when we got Monty. He was a challenge and quickly gained for Alex a reputation for remaining on the outer of obedience classes for quite some time. Thanks to Monty, Alex became a successful Obedience Instructor and Dog Trainer and was Officer in Charge of Training at Metropolitan Obedience Club Brisbane.

Oliver is a Belgian Shepherd – Groenendael. He is a delight to own and work with and has an outstanding character and temperament. Oliver is working exceptionally well at high levels of Obedience Competition and is showing great intelligence and enthusiasm.

Poppy is the fun girl in our family and is starting to excel in Agility.

Our teamwork trainers have the ability and knowledge to work through any problem you may be encountering with your dog and also have the experience to advise on behavioural issues and temperament. They will work with you to achieve a stable and social family pet and you will be delighted with the results.

All our trainers are Blue Card holders and enjoy encouraging children to take an active role in training. Teamwork Dog Obedience have always based their success on the experience and dedication of their trainers.

All our trainers are members of Australian Pet Dogs Trainers Association Australia Inc and Canine Control Council Qld. We keep up to date with all new techniques in the Dog World by attending Seminars and Training Sessions.

For more information visit the following links:

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