Advanced Intermediate Obedience Training

For graduates of Teamwork Dog Obedience’s 6 week courses (Basic Obedience or Foundation), we offer Advanced Intermediate Obedience Training.

Advanced Intermediate Obedience Training is also open to dogs and handlers that have completed a basic course with a Registered Trainer or Obedience Club (pre-acceptance assessment)

Intermediate level

The aim of our Intermediate level is to build upon the skills covered in our basic level courses so your dog is reliable and stable in everyday situations.  The skills covered include lead walking, stays, recalls, position changes and most importantly, reading your dog’s body language to support them in all situations.

Advanced Intermediate Obedience Training

The Intermediate level classes build reliability and stability using fun individual and group games and exercises may include:

  • Rally Obedience and obstacle courses
  • Training Tricks
  • Relay games
  • Scent games
  • Body targeting
  • Food refusal

Advanced level

The Advanced level classes are fun, social sessions that are performed predominantly off lead.  Dogs at this level are stable and reliable around other dogs and enjoy the extra challenge of learning more advanced obedience skills such as:

  • distance control,
  • reliability in close proximity to other dogs, and
  • basic agility skills such as body awareness, jumping and tunnels.

Advanced Intermediate Obedience TrainingThe Advanced level classes incorporate:

  • Group games
  • Advanced Rally Obedience
  • Training Tricks

Proficiency test

For a dog and handler team to progress to the Advanced level, they must pass a proficiency test. The test requires the dog and handler to perform the following:

  • Walk 10 metres off lead passed other dogs and people – The dog must walk close to the handler and not approach other dogs or people
  • 1 minute stay with handler 1 metre away – The dog must remain in the place they were left.  It is not mandatory for the dog to hold a formal sit or drop position.
  • 10 metre recall passed other dogs and people – The dog must move directly toward the handler when called and not approach other dogs or people.

Proficiency tests are available upon request.


Teamwork offers Intermediate and Advanced classes on a pay as you go basis at:

  • Caboolture on Sunday mornings and

  • Carseldine (Taigum) on Saturday mornings.