Dog Obedience Training Class Information

First Class

To enroll into a new course check the dates on The Blog.

Submit your details through the Contact Us Form.

You will then receive a confirmation email.

A week before the date of your course an email will be sent with an Enrollment Form attached.

To secure your place it is important you respond to the email and return the paperwork.

Dog Training Classes
Teamwork Dog Training

Special Notes:

You may also wish to bring special treats for your dog.

Training shoes must be worn at all times (this means no thongs or sandals).

Always confirm your booking by phone or email.

All sessions are approx an hour duration.

Check the Twitter link if the weather unpredictable.

If the class is cancelled due to the weather you will receive a text message.

Payment Method

Payment can be made in advance when booking and you may use any of the following methods:


Credit Card – Visa or Master Card

Cheque made out to Teamwork Dog Obedience

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Training Tips for all Classes

  • Do not feed your dog before training.
  • Don’t train if you are tired or stressed.
  • Give yourself training time.
  • If you don’t like the weather – don’t train.
  • Reward yourself when it starts to come together.
  • Don’t get cranky – take time out.
  • Enjoy yourself and have fun training.
Teamwork Dog Obedience