Which course is best for me?

Puppy School Basic Obedience Foundation
My dog is 10 – 16 weeks old.
My dog is 18 weeks or older.
My dog has completed Teamwork’s Puppy School.
My dog is anxious, fearful, or overly excited*.
My dog lives in the house with the family and needs good house manners.
My dog is stable and just needs to learn some skills.
I am fit and able to move with my dog in class.
The person handling the dog in class is at least 16 years old*.
  • Dogs displaying aggression will require an assessment to determine if they are suitable for group classes. Please call Teamwork to discuss your dog’s specific behaviours so we can recommend the best course for you.
  • In the Foundation course, handlers from 12 years of age can train the dog with constant adult supervision and assistance.