Foundation Course

Saturday Carseldine 9am

This course gives your dog solid foundations in good doggy manners. It is taught using quick, easy and force free training methods that are suitable for all handlers, especially children. We focus on making training fun so your dog willingly complies with your requests.

What does this course cover?
  • Crate training / Settle on your bed
    * Is your dog anxious when left alone, in new places, around visitors or other pets? Using a crate, dogs learn to settle and relax when left alone and when taken to new places. A crate provides the dog a sanctuary away from the stresses of human life including visitors, children, and other pets. Properly used, a crate is an invaluable tool for all dog owners.
    * Having trouble with toilet training? Crates let you predict when you dog needs to toilet. No more accidents in the house.
    NOTE: If you are unsure about using a crate or require information about purchasing one, please discuss with Teamwork. If you are not using a crate, this course trains your dog to settle on their bed.
  • Walking nicely on lead
  • Positions & Stays (Sit, Drop, Stand)
  • Coming back when called
  • Handling and socialisation with people
How is this course taught?

You will learn to train your dog using reward based methods that are simple, effective and force free. Put simply, when your dog performs a desirable behaviour, you reward them with a food treat or play. The benefits of this approach are:

  • It builds a strong relationship between you and your dog.
  • Your dog learns to learn in a safe, happy environment, free of punishment.
  • Your dog willingly complies with your requests because it is rewarding to do so.

The result of this approach is a confident, calm and attentive dog. In class, our trainers break each exercise into small achievable steps. You and your dog will have the chance to practice each step with one on one instruction and then test them out with fun group games. With this approach, you and your dog build strong foundations so your dog can perform in any situation. In this course, Teamwork provides a weekly homework sheet outlining the steps to practice between classes.

Who is best suited to this course?

This course is designed for people who:

    • Want to use food, toys and play to reward their dog.
    • Want to build solid foundations for each exercise in small steps that build upon the previous.
    • Have time to do 10 minutes training with their dog each day (on your dog’s daily walk is ideal).
    • Want a happy, confident, well -mannered companion dog that chooses to be inside with you.
dogs happy side by side