Home Visits/Training features includeHome Visits

  • Crate training and or bed settling
  • Walking nicely on a lead and socialising with other dogs
  • Handling teaching the dog to relax and allow handling for groomer vet or stranger
  • Coming when called
  • Sitting and staying
  • Responding to simple commands leave – give

Unacceptable behaviours

  • Unnecessary barking
  • Nipping and biting
  • Food bowl guarding
  • Owners bed dominance

Home Training is suitable for

  • Dog owners who are elderly and infirm
  • Dog owners with a disability or medical condition
  • Dog owners who are unable to travel to a training venue

Phone Consultations

Book a time to talk to a trainer.
Each session is approx. 20 mins.
Session times are pre-arranged and pre-paid.

  • Suitable for dog owners who have tight work schedule
  • Mothers with young children and puppies
  • Family issues with children and dogs
  • Recently relocated families with dogs
  •  Rescued or fostered dogs

To book a Phone Consultation time please submit the form on the Contact Page and a Trainer will contact you

Not all behaviours can be addressed with a phone consult. Advice given over the phone is general in nature. For a thorough assessment and training plan, a face to face consult is required.

Home Assessment

  • Dogs that have a history of unsociable behaviour with other dogs or people
  • Dogs that have been reported to council for unacceptable behaviour eg barking or escaping
  • Dogs that need a temperament assessment for legal reasons
  • Dogs that would like to enrol in group training but the owners are unsure of the dogs ability to work within a group
  • Dogs that need to be assessed when the owners are moving into a unit of retirement complex

If you would like a home visit please use the form on the contact page to let us know about your situation.