How do you train? Do you use food rewards?

At Teamwork Dogs we want your dog to be a much loved family member that fits harmoniously into your lifestyle. To achieve this, our courses are designed to teach everyday skills and nurture the relationship between you and your dog. We use reward based training methods and management strategies. We principally use food rewards in class so you can quickly and easily train your dog and your dog looks forward to training time.

Our trainers split skills into small, achievable steps, so you and your dog can easily master each step before confidently moving onto the next challenge.

Our methods are force free and gentle. We do not use or allow you to use intimidation or harsh handling to train dogs in our classes.

If I can’t make a class, can I send my dog to class with a friend?

Our training aims to build the relationship between you and your dog, so if you can’t make a class, we only allow adults who live with the dog and have been involved in their training to attend class with them.

Do you guarantee my dog will be trained when they finish your course?

We guarantee that our trainers will provide you clear instruction and assistance on how to train your dog to perform the skills in the course curriculum. It is your responsibility to consistently and diligently train the skill at home to achieve the level of reliability you require in your dog.

For participants in our Puppy 1 and 2 courses, we recommend 5 – 10 minutes training each day (split into very short sessions) to achieve the outcomes of the course.

For participants in our Foundation and Yellow Ribbon Dog courses, we recommend 10 – 15 minutes training each day (split into several 1 – 2 minute sessions) to achieve the outcomes of the course.

I bought the dog for my children, can they train the dog in class?

We encourage the whole family to participate in classes and training the dog. We do however require one person at a time to handle the dog in class. You are welcome to swap handlers between exercises.

Children over 13 years are welcome to handle the dog in class with direct adult supervision. Children under 13 years are welcome to attend class but must be supervised by an adult who is not handling a dog. For the safety and comfort of all handlers and dogs, unsupervised children under 13 years are not permitted on the grounds.

What type of collar and lead should my dog have?

We train dogs on flat or limited slip collars (also referred to as martingale or training collars) made from fabric or leather. We also allow dogs to wear suitably fitted harnesses and head halters. We use fabric or leather leads.

We do not allow the use of extender leads or chain leads in class. We do not allow check chains, prong collars or shock collars on our grounds.

It is Teamwork’s responsibility to ensure the dog’s comfort and wellbeing at all times while training with us, so we reserve the right to inspect and approve training equipment before a dog comes into class.

My dog barks and lunges at other dogs. How do I know if they will be suitable for group class?

If you are unsure if a group class will be appropriate for your dog, we can schedule a brief assessment. We can arrange a time for you and your dog to visit, so we can observe how your dog responds around other dogs (at a safe and comfortable distance), how you are handling the dog and the type of equipment you are using. Based on the assessment, we can discuss the best training option for you. To arrange an assessment please use the Enquire Now option.

The course I want is fully booked but waitlisted. What does this mean?

We cap class sizes in our puppy training and Foundation course, however we will keep a list of people interested in attending the course. If there is a cancellation or a listed place is not confirmed (i.e. booking form completed, course fees paid, and vaccination certificate provided) we will offer the place to people on the waitlist.

If you would like to be added to the wait list for a course, please use the Enquire Now option.

How do I secure a place in a course?

Please visit Latest News to check the course intakes and availability.

For courses with availability, please use the “Book a Course” option, provide a copy of your dog’s latest vaccination certificate and pay the course fees within 72 hours of submitting your booking. When your enrolment is complete, we will email you confirmation details and information about your course, directions to the training grounds and what to bring on your first day of class. We will hold your place for 72 hours from the time we receive your online booking. After this time, your booking will be cancelled and the place made available again.

Where do you offer training?

We regularly offer courses at Taigum on Saturday mornings, and Caboolture on Sunday mornings.

Taigum (Saturday morning)

Taigum State Primary School
266 Handford Road

Caboolture (Sunday morning)

Caboolture PCYC
Toovey Street via Pettigrew Street

What is your refund policy?

In the event of a COVID lockdown, your course will be suspended until the lockdown is lifted.

In the event of your course being cancelled due to extended COVID lockdowns, a refund of all unused classes will be provided.

Booking cancellations received more than 72 hours before the start of the course, a full refund will be provided.

Booking cancellations received within 72 hours of the course starting, a 90% refund will be provided.

If, after your first class, you decide the course does not meet your needs, we will refund 50% of your course fees. If you are not sure if our courses are right for you, we encourage you to visit and see our classes before you book.

Can I come and see a class before signing up?

You are welcome to visit us, without your dog, to view our classes and chat with clients and trainers before or after class. When you visit, please check in using the QLD COVID Check in app. Each trainer has a QR Code for you to register. If you would like someone to show you around, please call or email to arrange a convenient time to visit.

What if I miss a class? Do you offer make up lessons?

A make up class can be pre-arranged when you book your course. The pre-arranged make up class will be offered at the end of your course. The make up class may be either in the next course at the same level or in a course at the next level e.g. for a Puppy 2 make up class may be offered in a Foundation class.

Make up classes are not available if you choose to have your dog desexed partway through a course.

If you or your dog falls ill at the beginning of a course, Teamwork will offer to re-book you once into the next course at no charge.

If you are waiting on a COVID test result, are COVID positive or are a close contact of a COVID positive person, please do not come to class. We will arrange a make up class for you.

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