Our Approach

Training approach

We want your dog to be a much loved family dog, so our courses and training approach focus on teaching good manners. Our courses teach foundation skills in small logical stages. Week by week, as you progress through your course, you and your dog build on your skills, so you are both confident and successful at each stage.

We use positive reinforcement methods to help you train your dog. We use plenty of food rewards in our training so you can reinforce great behaviour and your dog loves training time. Our approach is gentle and free of force or intimidation.

We train dogs on flat or limited slip collars, suitable harnesses or head halters. We do not allow the use of check chains, shock collars or prong collars in our classes or on our grounds.

Personal service

In our puppy and Foundation courses, we want you and your dog to be successful. We therefore cap the class sizes, so you and your dog receives personal attention to help you achieve your training goals. Additionally, our trainers are accompanied by a training assistant, who can offer a little more support to build your confidence.

Homework information

In our puppy and Foundation courses, we provide homework sheets and additional reading to assist you train at home between classes.

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