Booking process

Before submitting a booking, please check News for the next course intake date and availability.

For Reliability and Stability class bookings please see: Reliability and Stability at Taigum

If your dog has displayed any aggression, please contact us to discuss the circumstances and we can advise the most suitable training option for you.

To reserve a place in a course, you need to:

  • Complete the booking form below, including uploading a copy of your dog’s current vaccination certificate.
  • Wait for email booking confirmation (same day response during business hours). Full payment of the course fees is required 72 hours before your course starts.
  • For COVID refund and credit policy please refer to Frequently Asked Questions.

Please note: successful booking submission should display the following message…

Handler’s details

Dog's details

Booking details

Has the dog shown aggression to a human?

Has the dog shown aggression to another dog or animal?

If Yes:

How long has the dog lived with your family?


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Teamwork Dog’s rules and regulations:

  • a responsible person will be in attendance of my dog at all times;
  • no vicious or dangerous dogs are permitted and the organisation may in its absolute discretion cancel my enrolment should my dog be considered dangerous;
  • my dog will be restrained on a lead at all times unless authorised by the organisation;
  • covered footwear will be worn at all times;
  • training equipment must be approved and checked by the organisation before use and the use of same to be supervised at all times

I hereby acknowledge and agree to comply with all of the rules and regulations of Teamwork Dogs as contained in this form or as advised to me from time to time and to abide by all lawful directives of the owners, trainers, agents or representatives of that organization.

I hereby acknowledge that I and my executors agents, assigns and /or heirs will indemnify the owners, their employers, agents, representatives and assignees from any and all claims, actions, demands or suits arising as a result of any injuries, illnesses, damage or other losses howsoever caused to any person or property and whether as a result of negligence or otherwise and which results either or indirectly from my participation.

From time to time, Teamwork Dogs will photograph our training and publish photos through our social media channels. Please notify us if you do not wish to be photographed.