Is your dog ready for summer?

During the summer holidays, we tend to get outdoors more and socialise with family and friends around Christmas. Of course, we want our dogs to be part of our activities but do you need to dust off your dog’s social skills in time for summer entertaining?

Here are three core skills for a polite and social dog.

1. Recall

For our dogs to have off leash freedom at the beach or the camping trip, we need them to come to us reliably when we call them. Our dogs will often come back to us in familiar environments like the local park but in a novel environment with different distractors, what is their recall like?

2. Settle on a mat

When socialising with family and friends, having our dog settle and rest calmly on their mat is great way of including the dog in our activities. When visiting, you can easily take a mat for your dog to relax on so you can focus on enjoying yourself.

3. Polite greetings

Around Christmas time, we often have a range of people visiting us – older people, children and people who may not be comfortable around dogs. For everyone’s safety and comfort (including your dog), it may be time to brush up for dog’s polite greeting routines.

Also, your dog may be greeting other dogs at this time. You still have time to work on your dog greeting skills.

Teamwork Dogs’, Puppy 2 and Foundation courses cover basic skills such as settling on a mat, recalls, polite greetings with people and dogs as well as walking nicely on a lead and stays. We are now taking bookings for the last courses for 2022 at both Taigum and Caboolture. For more information please contact us at

Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay