Taigum - Parking and access to training areas

Temporary change to parking arrangements – March 2022

While the car park on the southern side of the hall is being upgraded, please use the sealed car park adjacent to the school office, on the northern side of the hall. Access to this car park is from the traffic lights at the intersection of Handford Road and Liberty Drive.

Please note: we are sharing the car park with the Zumba group who use the hall at Taigum State School on Saturday mornings. We therefore request all Teamwork class members to use the parking bays closest to the playing fields and in front of the office buildings. See areas marked in red on the map above.

Where possible, please park nose – tail with people in your class, so we can maximise the parking bays available and people are not “parked in” at the end of their class. Please leave a sign on your car window indicating your class time (e.g. 7:30am – 8:30am), so you can park behind a class member.

Please leave the car parks closest to the hall available for Zumba clients. Clients attending the Zumba class will leave a sign in their car indicating they are in the Zumba class which finishes at 10am. We ask that you don’t double park with Zumba clients or disturb their class.

There is also limited parking in the southern car park which is under construction. This car park is only used by Teamwork trainers and class members, so you are welcome to double park without disturbing the Zumba clients.

Access to the training grounds

Please refer to the orange line on the map for directions from the car park to the grounds.

Please use the pathways from the car park, through the school buildings, onto the playing fields. When walking to the playing fields, please move briskly through the school grounds and ensure you pick up after your dog should they toilet. The bin for all waste is located on the playing fields.

All customers should note there is no access to the training grounds before 7:15am on Saturday mornings.

First class meeting point

On your first day of class, please meet your training assistant at the meeting point marked in green on the map above.

On subsequent weeks, please make your way to your designated class area. When you are moving from the car park to class and back, please give other classes plenty of space.

These directions may change from time to time, so please follow the directives of Teamwork trainers, so we can ensure you and your dog’s safety while training with us.