My dog doesn’t come when called. Do dogs stay on lead during classes?

As a dog owner, there are few things more upsetting than seeing your dog ignoring you and running away or having an out of control off lead dog running up to your leashed dog. At Teamwork Dogs, we want our clients and their dogs to always feel safe and comfortable at training. So, as trainers we will always strive to set you and your dog up to be successful.

One way we do this in our six week Foundation course is to ensure that dogs remain on lead at all times before, during and after class. In this course, we teach a number of exercises to develop a strong recall (dog coming when called). We practise these exercises on lead so you and your dog are successful and your dog doesn’t have the opportunity to practise an undesirable behaviour like not coming when called.

In our puppy courses, dogs are able to play and work off lead in a safe, confined space. However, when they are practising skills like relaxing on their mat, handling, sits, drops, stays, and loose leash walking they will work on lead, so they remain with you and don’t pester other teams (dog and handler).

So when do dogs get to work off lead at Teamwork?

Graduates of our six week Foundation course are able to continue training in the Reliability and Stability class. In this class, our trainers work with each team to develop their skills, toward performing off lead work including “agility” type activities like jumps and tunnels.

Even in the Reliability and Stability class, the safety and comfort of dogs and clients is paramount, so dogs only work off lead under the direction of a trainer.

Teamwork Dogs offers puppy training for dogs up to the age of 6 months and foundation skills training for dogs aged from 6 months. For all our courses please see Courses

Image by talib abdulla from Pixabay