Top 3 Easter games for kids and dogs

This year, Easter will be a little different for us all– no large family gatherings or holidays away. So here are three games for the whole family including the dog to play this Easter break.

Please remember, chocolate is toxic to dogs, so please ensure your dog does not have access to chocolate Easter eggs.

Game 1 – “Egg” or toy hunt

Instead of an Easter egg hunt in your house or yard, hide toys, balls or items that are safe for the dog to find and pick up. This is the perfect way to use those orphaned socks in the laundry!

Send the kids and dog out to collect as many items as they can. For each item found and returned to you, the kids and dog gets a “prize”. Children could be rewarded with an Easter egg and the dog with a yummy food treat.

Game 2 – Easter “egg” in a box

Collect an array of boxes or containers like washing baskets, plastic food containers, paper shopping bags, shoe boxes, cereal boxes or used gift boxes. You could also use scrunched up newspaper.

Hide an item (as above) or a dog treat in one box. Individually, send one children and then the dog to find the item or treat. Remember to time each run to determine the winner!

Game 3 – “Egg” in a bucket race

This is a fun game for a dog that loves to carry and retrieve balls.

Gather up several balls (tennis balls are ideal size). Place two buckets at the end of your yard. Split the balls evenly between the children, on one team and the parents and dog on the other team.

The aim of the game is for each team to deliver the balls to the bucket at the other end of the yard. The team that has deposited all their balls in the bucket is the winner.

From the whole team at Teamwork Dogs. We wish you and your family a happy Easter.

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Image by Spiritze from Pixabay