Taigum update – Parking and access to the grounds

Customer Parking

From Handford Road, please use the car park on the southern side of the hall. (Please refer to map.)

Access to the lower car park is closed to customers. This car park is reserved for Teamwork trainers only.

Access to the training grounds

Please refer to the map for directions.

Please use the pathway from the carpark, in front of the toilet block, and onto the playing field. When walking to the playing fields, please move briskly through the school grounds and ensure you pick up after your dog should they toilet. The bin for all waste is located on the playing fields.

All customers should note there is no access to the training grounds before 7am on Saturday mornings.

The registration desk is located at the end of the shed on the playing fields.

These changes have been made for the safety of you and your dog, so please observe this direction and any directives provided by Teamwork staff on the grounds on Saturday mornings.

We thank you for your co-operation.